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Tax season is scary, especially for those who are incredibly uninformed and confused about the tax process. At Advanced Tax Advisors, we understand that most American’s are fairly unaware how to file taxes correctly, which is why we’re here to help. Unfortunately, some taxpayers are audited, for multiple different reasons. For many, they simply aren’t aware of what causes an audit. By hiring a professional, you have a better chance of avoiding a tax audit. However, here are a few ways to avoid audits altogether.

Check it Over
At Advanced Tax Advisors, we can help you check your taxes from top to bottom. It’s important to check, double check, and perhaps check again. Hiring a professional ensures that you’re given peace of mind in knowing that someone with extensive experience has looked over your taxes. Many individuals forget important documents and forms. Others may forget to check an important box. Our team can help you avoid mistakes, simply by reviewing.

Be Honest
Many individuals aren’t honest on their tax returns. Perhaps they’re hiding money, not claiming it all, or being a bit dramatic in what they consider a business expense. The IRS is familiar with all of these tactics, and can easily point out those who are being untruthful.

Deduct Wisely
As mentioned, many self-employed business owners end up saving receipts for items and events that may barely pass as a business expense. If this is the case, the IRS may have serious questions. It is important however that all self-employed taxpayers save their receipts.

Many individuals shiver at the word “audit”, however, as long as you’re truthful and forward, your chances of being selected are incredibly limited. It’s wise not to take chances by hiring our team of professionals. We can help you avoid mistakes, collect documents, help you plan, save, and view your deductions if applicable.

At Advanced Tax Advisors, we know how confusing tax season can be, but there are options for those who lack self-confidence in filing. We offer assistance for all those in need, including business owners, and small business owners. Taxes are usually a yearly concern, so don’t stress for all 365 days. Instead, let us handle what we’re great at, while you focus on other priorities. If you’re looking for information on tax audits in Plantation, please call us. We have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to make sure you have a smooth spring.

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