2022 Tax Planning for Those in the Real Estate Industry.

When you’re in Real Estate, taxes can be complex. With the right help, it doesn’t have to be.

We’d like to talk to you about the best tips for real estate professionals on how to save on taxes in 2022.

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April 4th at 2pm Est

Here’s What We’ll Cover in Our Discovery Call

  • 30-60 minute (no obligation) call to provide value on how to plan for 2022 tax filing.
  • We’ll review your previous years’ tax returns, identify any missed opportunities, and provide recommendations for filing this year and future years.
  • Identify strategies to save money on taxes.
  • Tips on how to plan for future tax filing.
  • Tools and resources for more efficient financial record keeping.

Who is 2022 Tax Planning for?

Real Estate Investors

When real estate investors book a call, you can count on tips on how to get the most from your portfolios through careful planning and preparation.

Real Estate Developers

The IRS Code’s constant transformation makes it a challenge for real estate developers to ensure they’re maximizing their tax benefits. Book the call so we can help plan, prepare and implement solutions to save you time and money.

Real Estate Sales Agents

Selling real estate is a full time job that requires plenty of dedication, time and effort. Real estate sales agents looking for the most reliable tax planning and strategy would get a ton of value with 2022 tax planning.

Property Management Companies

Rather than find time to squeeze tax planning and strategy in between managing your properties, learn some tips on maximizing your time when it comes to tax planning.


Being a great landlord means always making sure your tenants are well taken care of. It also means having a professional tax preparation, planning and strategy to make sure there are no loose ends.

Real Estate Brokers

The best real estate brokers know that hiring a tax professional to strategize and prepare important fiscal documents is key for success.

A savvy business owner knows to meet with his or her tax strategist at the beginning of each year to set the parameter of strategies he or she will use during the year in their business. He or she also knows to meet with his or her strategist towards the end of the year to review any adjustments to the tax plan. The government gives incentives to those who plan. These strategies are available to those who are proactively tax planning.

Jose A. Ramirez


Is Advanced Tax Advisors’ founder, CEO, and an expert at implementing tax-saving strategies for business owners and real estate investors. As a tax strategist, he has saved his clients millions in taxes over the years. He uses strategies such as cost segregation studies, accelerated depreciation, bonus depreciation, selecting the right tax entity or having multiple tax entities, income shifting, Augusta rule, and many more to save his clients tens or even hundreds of thousands in taxes. Jose has 23 years of business experience, which includes management, accounting, and tax, with the last eight years dedicated to protecting business owners’ hard-earned income from the IRS through innovative tax planning strategies. He is constantly invited to speak at local real estate associations and other real estate-related events and expos on tax topics including the Trump’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and lately the Biden’s Proposed Tax Plan.


Jose is a trusted tax accountant and advisor. His advice and expertise have proven to be invaluable to us in our business and has saved us a great deal in tax savings. Jose is always extremely professional and responsive, and treats us like valued customers. We highly recommend Jose and Advanced Tax Advisors to anyone needing tax services.

Nicole Beal

Great service. Extremely knowledgeable on tax law. SAVES YOU MONEY! José has been great! Every year he has managed to save me his preparation fee or more. My taxes have gotten outside of my ability to do them and keep them organized myself. They are never a problem for Jose though. Highly recommend!

Matthew Thurman

Great Value, Excellent Customer Service! Jose did a fantastic job explaining to me how I can keep my tax liability low. As a small business owner this information as well as excellent customer service helps me save more time which is the most important thing to me. Great job!

Adam Reed

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Jose is the expert to trust your taxes to! Jose has been doing my taxes for the past three years and I couldn’t be more satisfied! He truly cares and knows what he’s doing. I highly recommend!

– Giselle Arana

Wasn’t sure what to do with my taxes until I came across this place. They explained to me what my options were and which was the best route for me. Professional and friendly was my experience. Definitely recommending to others.
– Gabriel Villacis

Jose and his team are truly next level tax professionals. I could tell Jose approached my tax history/circumstance as if it were his own and added his gift of creativity which allowed me to feel confidence in a solid plan going forward. Jose is the definition of a genuine professional and his commitment to always researching and improving his services is what a client in need, wants to see!

-Ross Medlin

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Are you worried that you aren't saving all you can in taxes?

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