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It’s not quite the end of the year, but that doesn’t mean that business owners shouldn’t get a head start on their tax planning strategies in Miami. Tax planning can happen all year round, and with these six tips, business owners and employees can rest assured that they’re ready for April 2019.

Pay Attention to New Rules Regarding Tax Planning Strategies in Miami

Every year, the IRS or government can make a change to regulations and rules. While many think that it’s as simple as filing a piece of paper the same way every time, the reality is that subtle changes can occur. It’s advisable to talk to a tax professional in that state to understand if there have been any new changes that are either beneficial or costing.

Calculate in Advance

It’s crucial for business owners to run their calculations in advance. The worst part about tax season is getting fees that were not expected. If the payout is going to be high the next year, make sure to watch for any possible deductions that could cut back on that end-of-the-year payment.

Determine Deductions Monthly

This is the part that many business owners forget to do or give up on. Expenses, work travel, real estate closing costs, office furniture, education needs, and more are all applicable as deductions. Staying on top of these costs all year can give companies a small break when next April approaches.


Contributing to retirement accounts and investment accounts can help reduce tax liabilities. While saving a bit of money, there’s a simultaneous benefit of keeping those accounts plentiful and in order.

Contact Advanced Tax Advisors

If you’re a small business owner, contacting Advanced Tax Advisors could be the thing you can do for your tax planning strategies in Miami. Their team of experts specializes in real estate professionals, and they strive to help solve any tax issues, preparations, accounting, advising, and more. To reach the top and be successful, a lot of forethought goes into each tax year. Though this can be challenging to forego alone, the experienced tax advisors in Miami are here to assist. Don’t wait until it’s almost April to start your tax planning strategies. Call 954-883-6941 to get ahead of schedule with advising you can trust.

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