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This webinar will go over the following topics:

  • How to beat the competition and find off-market deals in a competitive market
  • How they are making money in real estate tax-free by using their Self-Directed IRA
  • How to increase your income by investing in real estate part-time.
  • Best way to use other people’s money for real estate deals.
  • How to increase long term wealth and leave a legacy to future generations
  • See how we are making almost $25k a deal in profit without touching the property.
  • Q & A much more!!


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Ryan Kuhlman

Ryan Kuhlman

Broward Real Estate Investors Association &
Miami Dade REIA

Ryan Kuhlman has been involved in many aspects of Real Estate since 1990. He started working for a developer at the age of 19 doing everything from painting to collecting rent. After graduating from the Ohio State University in 1996, Ryan relocated to Miami, Florida and has been involved in Real Estate investing ever since. From becoming head of Conversions and Marketing for one of the largest Developers in the state of Florida to then owning K.I. Properties, a wholesale investment company, Ryan has gained experience in many facets of Real Estate. Ryan is now the President of both the Broward Real Estate Investors Association and the Miami Dade REIA. Ryan is now the youngest President of the National Real Estate Investors Association.

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Anish Dave

Broward Real Estate Investors Association &
Miami Dade REIA

Anish Dave has been in banking and financing since 1999 working with different financial institutions and owning his own mortgage company. He has been a realtor since 2004 working with large investment groups and developing initiatives with non-profit organizations in the South Florida market. His extensive background in financing has led him to close multi-millions in real estate transactions throughout his career. Anish was born in Ahmemabad, India and grew up in New Jersey. He has earned a degree of Bachelor of Arts in Finance from the University of South Florida.
Anish has traveled extensively in Central and South America since living in Miami for the last eleven years. This in turn has given Anish the ability to evaluate different trends and evaluate markets, especially the foreclosure and short sale markets. Anish is always educating himself to keep ahead of a very dynamic market in South Florida. Anish has a vast knowledge of real estate and a specialty in short sales. He joined the Broward Real Estate Investors Association team to direct the new BREIA/MD-REIA Mentoring Program with Ryan Kuhlman. Anish is now the CEO of both the Broward Real Estate Investors Association and the Miami Dade REIA. Recently he received the Top Real Estate Investor of the Year award for 2016 from the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP).

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