We Provide the Best Advice on Small Business Tax Planning in Miami

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Smart tax-planning, an ongoing process, is crucial for small business owners and your success. Effective tax planning can help limit your tax liability, and so much more. If you’re looking for the absolute best small business tax planning company in Miami, call the tax professionals at Advanced Tax Advisors.

We’re the Best Choice for Small Business Tax Planning in Miami

Here at Advanced Tax Advisors, we continuously look for ways to reduce your federal, state, and local liabilities. We work together to make this happen. We’re here for you. Here are some smart tax-saving tips that will help you optimally run your business:

  • Use tax planning software
  • Track your spending
  • Keep good books and records
  • Set up a retirement plan and pay that account first
  • Deduct your home office
  • Keep business and personal finances separate
  • Deduct your auto expenses
  • Deduct business-related meals
  • Employ family members
  • Meet with- or consult your tax advisor throughout the year

You need to understand how the seemingly ever-changing tax codes and laws affect your small business. An experienced tax advisor, such as Advance Tax Advisors will help you stay on top of those changes.

Our services include tax planning and strategy, tax return preparation & compliance, IRS representation, retirement planning, accounting-related services, and other miscellaneous series – including notary public and sales tax services. We’re real estate industry specialists.
We are a successful tax advisory and accounting firm with locations in Miami and Plantation. We focus focuses on tax planning strategies that result in significant tax savings for our clients. In the last 6 months alone, we have helped dozens of clients in multiple states and in 4 different countries save tens of thousands of dollars in income tax. We can also help you.
When looking for advice on small business tax planning in Miami, call Advanced Tax Advisors at (954) 888-6941 and schedule an appointment for a complimentary consultation with one of our advisors.

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